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Es mujer, amante y una mujer de armas tomar que no le tema a nada, talvez{ Pros vs Contras }Puntos Positivos: No se por donde empezar; el arte, la trama, la evolucin y desarrollo del personaje, el juego de espas, los flashbacks melodramticosCome on, Feige, you know it'd be amazing.And legends always die hard." First time reading a Black Widow story and first time exploring Marjorie Liu's work and I have to say I was blown awayJust consider if her heartlessness was more commensurate with her information-gathering skills; she'd comfortably be more dangerous than even Elektra! Then again, maybe we, and especially the MU and a whole, should be glad she's not.Finally and not to sound sexist or anything but I found there to be some subtle cues that gave away Liu's "feminine bias" when it came to dialogue and writingEso fue hace muchos aos, pero sus palabras de una pgina no me ensearon esa leccin


This collection includes a fairly detailed history of the character who has been around since 1964 but mostly appeared in other characters stories (I think in fact this is the first time she has had her own title since a brief run in the 1970s, spurred no doubt by the popularity of the current Marvel films).In this story, Natasha (Black Widow) is viciously attacked and almost killed, but rather than rallying to her cause, her fellow Avengers are distrustful of her because the US government is accusing her of collecting highly secret information on the Avengers and the USflag 4 likesLike see review She receives a black rose, the symbol of one of her deepest secrets, as a threat and no one alive should know about her story, so she's looking for answersJul 18, 2011 William Thomas rated it really liked it I'm fairly new to Marjorie Liu's writing in the Marvel UniverseI loved this comicAug 17, 2014 Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: comic I'm a huge fan of Marjorie MWe run into Red Room ballerinas and Imus the Champion


Lius Natasha is anything but unfeelingBut, please, NatashaOf these, Natasha Romanoff's stories all seem rooted in themes of memory, loyalty, and perhaps most interestingly, agencyAlso, it took me a few minutes to realize this was the time frame when James "Bucky" Barnes was Captain America, not Steve RogersWe get to meet people like Black Rose and an old woman that lived to see Natasha never ageCall me crazy.But I just wanted to be freeIt reads like a mystery/thriller, and gives you a few glimpses into the Black Widow's originEs una mujer fuerte que no se da por vencida, que sabe lo que quiere y lucha por ello a pesar de que ha tenido una vida difcil.And there are stories about wolves and girls


Por como se ha manejado con anterioridad a la Viuda Negra, este nuevo enfoque a su pasado aporta muchsimo al desarrollo del personaje porque creo que el secreto de pasado de Natasha es un gran aporte en su evolucin como superherona.(view spoiler)[Ya que puedo colocar un spoiler les comentar sobre otros detalles que me fascinaron de la novela grficaJust paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! If file you want to download is multipart you can use our Link checker to check whether multiple download links are still active before you start downloadYes, it is a marvel story, but honestly it didn't feel like I was reading about superheroes, it was mostly a spy thriller with one of the most complex and damaged, but incredibly strong and resilient lead characterI loved this comicLa conocimos por primera vez como una female fatale en Iron Man II, y un personaje femenino excelentemente caracterizado en Avengers, muy pronto la tendremos en la secuela de Capitn America II.Para los adeptos a la novela grfica americana, muchos ya estarn fa ReseaUna de mis pasiones son las novelas grficas y el manga; as que cuando me tope con est joya del cmic americano simplemente no me pude resistir


She cares deeply for the few people she has kept around in her life (Clint, Bucky, her cat, and the other Avengers to an extent) but she notes that she will always be a little bit distant from everyone elseSeeing these other characters and the perfect way Liu wrote them and add them to the story was so much funHe's so protective of her in this book and that was wonderful to see! It really gives me some perspective on why he was so protective and accepting towards Laura in X-23.I adored seeing Tony and Clint be so protective of her and unwilling to believe she would be trying to hurt themCan she persuade the Avengers to help her track down her assailant and prevent those secrets from getting out?Its a good storyline for exploring Natashas precarious position as ex-Soviet spy and as former lover of multiple Avengers (this is what happens when the male:female character ratio is so skewed) and its told perfectly well, but there is nothing outstanding hereSheAll Series Share Variant Covers of this Issue Black Widow: The Name of the Rose (Trade Paperback) Black Widow: The Name of the Rose (Trade Paperback) Published: June 22, 2011 The Black Widow's house of cards is crashing down around her! As one of the world's greatest spies, the Black Window lives in lies and half -truthsMay 16, 2016 aPriL does feral sometimes rated it really liked it review of another edition Shelves: young-adult, teen, comic-graphic-book, woman-warrier The Black Widow receives a black rose!No one should know what that means to herWhat that means is: Natasha isnt scary because shes killed her own emotionsReally? Or is she just being framed? No clueAprend por mi cuenta a1b2dd01f2

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